Massawa Island on July 29, 2016. Two men cross the place in front of the ruin of the Bank of Italy. Visitors only get a brief impression of the country as many public places are forbidden for foreigners as for eritreers.

Massawa Island on July 28, 2016. The local imam rests next to a koran on a book stand during the midday heat. The Sheikh-Hanafi-Mosque is one of the oldest in Africa. Religion plays an important role of cohesion in Eritrea.

Asmara on July 27, 2017. Groceries are rare and expensive. Sacks of rice or lentils are common gifts brought home by relatives living abroad.

Asmara on July 22, 2017. Three men discuss in front of a propagandistic wall painting praising the democracy. One of them has a Kalachnikov. Dictator Isayas Afewerki is ruling the country for 25 years. The constitution from 1997 provides a presidential republic with a one-party-system but until today she never came into effect.

Asmara on August 03, 2016. Older construction workers on the streets of Asmara. Offically they are enlisted as soldiers as the majority of the population.

Between Sageneyti and Hebo on August 02, 2016. A young girl wearing a pull-over representing an english flag walk on a road. In the countryside there are only a few busy roads and the distances are long. A young girl walks the 12 kilometers from Hebo to Sageneyti to get to work every day.